Everybody's got a story about what makes Greater Boston a great place to live and work in. Now it's time for the best of them to be heard!
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What is AwesomeBoston?
Awesome Boston is a newly launched program that brings the collective "story" of Boston's innovation economy to the the world around us, showcasing the game-changing business and vibrant startup culture that drives this great city. Launched as a collaboration of prominent civic groups and leading citizens, the AwesomeBoston.org portal seeks to engage and inform people around the world about Boston's unparalleled economic opportunity. The Awesome Boston initiative takes this message further by bringing successful local C-level execs to our local college campuses to discuss how the Greater Boston ecosystem was an integral part of their success and why it was, and is, a great place to live, work and play after college.
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Boston Just Got More Awesome

28 January on Innovation Economy

It was a cold, clear, winter day, only a year ago when the seed was planted. A dedicated group of Boston-based community leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, academics and government leaders gathered...